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This time is exciting, demanding, wonderful and exhausting.


Recuperating from child birth takes time.  We are constantly told pregnancy, labour and delivery are natural events, and of course they are, BUT…  Whether you had a vaginal delivery or a C-section, whether you had pain relief or not, whether you had a short labour and delivery or it was lengthy in duration, your body has undergone many changes from pre-conception, through pregnancy into labour and delivery.  Photo of a woman reading a book on a lounge, recovering from giving birth


Your body has had approximately 9 months to make multiple changes needed during this journey you and your baby shared. Now you need to give your mind and body sufficient time for the post-child birth changes to take place and the time varies from Mum to Mum.


Relaxing, resting and sleeping are extremely important for your recuperation. When your baby sleeps, try to sleep too if possible, if it is not possible, put your feet up and relax. I realise this sounds simplistic, but I assure you, your mind and your body will thank you. If daily  demands prevent you from resting and/or sleeping during the day, try to go to bed as early as possible at night.


Do not feel all other duties must be accomplished, do what is absolutely necessary, try to delegate jobs and ask for help.


When you feel ready, begin to socialise again. Take gentle exercise and practice relaxation.  If you are uncertain how to deeply relax so your mind and body receive the wonderfully energising benefits, I would enjoy teaching you different relaxation techniques.