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Loving and nourishing your baby are the most important gifts you can give your precious little person. However, being a relaxed parent is also important.  Photo of a woman relaxing in a bath, the importance of taking time for yourself after having a baby


Babies sense when their Mum and/or Dad are relaxed or anxious and often respond accordingly. Some parents are naturally calm and relaxed, able to manage the demands of a new born as well as their other commitments with ease. For some parents feeling relaxed is more elusive, but they can learn these skills.


The counselling element of my program assists you to learn how and what to prioritize, what is really important for you and your baby. How to time manage your priorities with flexibility. Accepting some days and nights are easier than others, not being disappointed or self- blaming when your plans don`t go as you imagined.


I can help you develop a deeper sense of relaxation through clinical hypnotherapy, both you and your baby will benefit from this sense of inner tranquillity.